OLLY Kids: Immunity Multivitamin

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Its pretty unbelievable - at Give InKind, we swear our little kiddos have the sniffles 360 out of the 365 days a year. OLLY Kids Immunity gummies include a powerful blend of essential nutrients to keep them healthy - even during flu season.

Each pack of 50 gummies includes:

    • WELLMUNE*: OLLY's special formula to promote built-in cellular defense mechanisms
    • Acerola Cherry: A fruit rich in Vitamin C
    • Elderberry: An immune boosting super food
    • Zinc: Promotes the proper function of Immune cells

Why We Love This Gift: Yes- they are still going to roll around in the dirt and lick their toys... but this gives us at least a little peace of mind! We love this gift for just about any little kiddo. We know how important it is to keep their little immune systems strong and healthy.

What To Express In Your Card: This may be useful when flu season rolls around. Hope this keeps the little one[s] healthy and happy!

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