Perfectly Imperfect Family

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Perfectly Imperfect Family beautifully demonstrates how a brother loves, honors, and includes his sister, who died before he was born, in the family's special days and every day.

Oftentimes referred to as a rainbow baby, children born after the death of a sibling often wonder about the one who came before them.

Perfectly Imperfect Family acknowledges the stigma associated with pregnancy loss, infant death, sibling grief, and including a baby who has died by demonstrating loving ways in which a family can continue to celebrate their beloved baby.

Why We Love This Gift: We love this gift because it validates the entire story of a evolving family. It gives words to the story of a family before the birth of a rainbow, and invites the siblings to ask questions.

What to Say in Your Card: We remember with you. We celebrate your continuing to build your family. With all our love.

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