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QuiFit Gallon Water Bottle


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One of the most important things we can do for our bodies is drink plenty of water. To stay healthy and hydrated, the average adult is supposed to drink 1 gallon of water everyday!

This gift is perfect for loved ones in almost any situation. For those of us struggling to stay healthy, drinking a gallon of water seems like a lofty goal. Give this gift as a daily reminder!

Easy access to water is also an important part of post-surgical care. It is important to drink a minimum amount of water, so helping a patient track this fluid intake with a bottle marked in liters is very helpful.

Why We Love This Gift: Drinking a lot of water is important for literally everyone. This gift is a perfect lighthearted reminder of this crucial fact. It is meant for loved ones struggling with their health, or anyone else who needs a little nudge to keep themselves hydrated!

What To Express in Your Gift: I care about you. Hopefully this is a little reminder to keep yourself hydrated. You've got this!


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