Refillable All Purpose Cleaner Spray Bottle Off White

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About The Product
Stylish, shatter-resistant, and dishwasher-safe, our reusable glass spray bottle makes sprucing up all your surfaces easier than ever. Protected with a no-slip silicone sleeve in your choice of color, ergonomically designed for an easier grip, and powered by three settings (Jet Spray, Wide Spray, Off), this bottle is with you for the long haul. And if you don't feel like cleaning today, well, at least it's nice to look at. Simply fill with our signature all-purpose formula and dive into your clean routine.

About The Color: Off White
Soft, versatile, and understated, this variation pairs perfectly with any surface in any home.

Packaging & Materials
Cleancult glass dispensers are made from thick, lead- free glass, a BPA-Free plastic pump, silicone sleeve, and a recyclable FSC Certified paper band .

Care Instructions
Dishwasher safe. Rinse to clean. Our natural formulas are sensitive to temperature and react to its natural surrounding. Please keep at room temperature. If the formula gets cold and has cloudiness it can solidify, it just needs to be shaken. It won't impact its efficacy. In your sink or a mixing bowl, prepare a warm soapy water bath. Remove the pump from the bottle and place it in warm soapy water. Pump the mechanism for 1 -2 minutes. Then, repeat with fresh warm water (no soap), and finally, pump the mechanism again until water stops

End Of Life
This product should last forever. However, the glass container can be sent to glass recycling and the pump can be reused or recycled in plastic recycling.

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