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Sarah Oliver - Baby Sleep Consultancy (Available Online)


on Sarah Oliver - Baby Sleep Consultancy

Note: Payment fulfillment by Sarah Oliver - Baby Sleep Consultancy. Give InKind has an affiliate relationship with many of the advertisers on our site, and may receive a commission from products purchased via this link.

Sarah Oliver helps the whole family to rest easy. Certified and trained in healthy sleep training, Sarah has been serving the Greater Puget Sound area since 2015. Sarah offers In-home consultations to the Greater Puget Sound area, as well as virtual packages for international and interstate clients. Mom group chats, and workshops are offered depending on availability. Sarah offers a free 15-minute, no obligation phone consultation.

Sarah works with families to resolve many different sleep issues including:

- Night waking and overnight feeding
- Sleep regressions
- Trouble self settling and resettling
- Regression from moving, new baby, new daycare or sickness
- Bedtime battles in toddlers
- Early morning rising
- Transition from co-sleeping or from crib to bed

Why We Love This Gift: Sarah offers a mom-to-be package that is a wonderful shower gift. And it's not just for newborns. It is perfect for a family in need of sleep, or a mom trying to keep up with musical beds. Sarah can assess your needs and talk you through effective strategies.

What To Express in Your Card: Sleep is so so so important. We just adore you all. We really want to keep you healthy and rested so that you can enjoy your gorgeous family.

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