Soothing Spiral Kinetic Sculpture

on Uncommon Goods


As the sun rises, the morning air warms, and a world of possibilities wakes up with the new day. Inspired by fresh starts and limitless potential, Tom Lawton created a moving sculpture that appears to unwind endlessly. Because it's solar-powered, it automatically starts to spin as the sun rises and slowly winds down as it sets.
Each spiraling display is consciously crafted from recycled marine waste (plastic fishing nets) and placed inside a handblown borosilicate glass bell jar. Magnets and a solar module help the wing to create an upward motion as it rotates--but you have the power to change its direction. Like making choices that change how your day's going, you can use the included magnetic wand to reverse the hypnotic helix's spin.
A moving reminder to stay positive, it's also a calming meditation aid and a conversation-starting art piece for your home or office. Even when you don't have a window, or if it's already dark out, the glow of a lamp will set the vortex in motion. Sustainably made in England, where it works even on overcast days.

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