Stain Stick (1 Bar)

on Cleancult

About The Product

Our laundry detergent is a powerhouse and we've added another tool to our laundry collection to help fight small and big stains alike. Our fragrance-free stain stick is our very first spot-treating solution for tough-to-reach stains. We love this product for spot treating clothing and upholstery and washing on-the-go. Like all of our products, it's made with healthy, plant-based ingredients and it's fragrance-free for universal use on all skin types, including sensitive skin and children.


Sodium Cocoate, Distilled Water, Glycerin, Sodium Chloride, Sodium Gluconate, Organic Rosemary Extract.

About The Scent: Fragrance Free

A simple and straightforward option for people with sensitive skin or noses.

How To Use

This is a pre-treatment and an on-the-go wash stick. To treat stains, wet fabric and gently rub Stain Stick onto the stained area. No rinsing is needed. Let sit then wash as usual. For on-the-go use, wet fabric, gently rub onto the piece of clothing, rinse, and hang dry! Safe for all fabrics!

Packaging & Materials

This product is packaged with a paper/cardboard wrap.

Care Instructions

Store in an area with good airflow to encourage quick drying!

End Of Life

Use until gone. The paper wrap can be recycled in paper recycling.

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