Traditional Medicinals Laxative Tea

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Constipation is very common and can be quite painful. Make sure your loved ones are drinking herbal tea to help ease the discomfort. Traditional Medicinals provides some of the highest rated herbal supplements, that are naturally caffeine free.

Constipation may occur, or be due to:

  • Following medical surgery
  • Physical inactivity
  • Medications & Prescriptions
  • Aging
  • Stress

Why We Love This Gift: This is a quick and easy way to ease discomfort for someone you care about. Because this company prides themselves in natural, organic, and non-caffeinated tea - it really is a great health tool to keep in your cabinet.

What To Express In Your Card: I'd love to share a cup of tea with you in person or even via Skype - I really want to know how you are doing and what I can do help, even if it's simply listening. I'm sending you so much love.

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