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UrbanSitter Gift Cards


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Founded by four busy parents, UrbanSitter is an online resource where parents can find and book babysitters recommended by people they know. Looking for the occasional sitter, full-time nanny, or last-minute help? UrbanSitter will find available sitters—and show you the ones recommended by parents in your social circles (mothers' group, child's school, sports team, etc). Search sitters by date and time, book jobs, and even pay online—it's quick, easy and efficient. UrbanSitter gift cards are deliverable instantly by email or you can print it at home.

Why We Love This Gift: Childcare is expensive. It is a true budget-buster. These cards allow busy parents to select a babysitter with whom they are comfortable. This gift is as equally necessary for the birth of a new baby, as it is for a medical appointment. Or a job interview. UrbanSitter allows parents to make arrangements for the care of their children as they respond to whatever they must. It allows them to make an arrangement wherein they don't feel indebted or obligated to reciprocate.

What to Express in Your Card: You have a lot on your plate. I was thinking of you. I figured you might need some time to deal with [situation]. I thought you might need some coverage with [name of child/ren]. I hope this helps. I am sending you love.

Suggested Situations:

  • Bereavement/Loss of partner, spouse, child - Post- loss, caregivers of young children need a break. Let them know you want that for them.
  • Unemployment - Unemployed parents are stressed. Giving people the opportunity to update their c.v., to research opportunities, and to prepare for interviews helps them to get through to the other side.
  • Military support - Spouses of the deployed face multiple stressors every day. Give them some time off by providing them with some childcare.

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