Vitamin D & Inflammation Test

on Everlywell

Learn Your Vitamin D Levels and Check For Inflammation In Your Body

This at-home test can alert you to a Vitamin D deficiency, which can contribute to an overall state of inflammation in your body

Measures 25-OH D and hsCRP

Finger prick sample collection

This test measures your vitamin D (25-OH D) and hs-CRP levels

Your test results will show your levels for hs-CRP and vitamin D. Knowing your vitamin D and hs-CRP levels may be a first step in recognizing if there's a potential association between vitamin D and inflammation in your body, so you can take steps to understand what's causing your uncomfortable symptoms.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D helps keep your bones healthy and strong! It forms in the body when the sun is absorbed by your skin. Don't fret - vitamin D deficiency is very common and can be fixed, but low levels can cause things like fatigue and sleep issues.


hs-CRP is a measure of C-reactive protein (CRP), a protein that the liver makes when there is inflammation in the body. While some inflammation in the body is beneficial to help protect organs from injuries or infections, excessive inflammation has been linked to heart disease.

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