Pregnancy Bedrest
7 Gifts for Women on Home Bed Rest

Women who are put on bed rest at home during pregnancy face multiple challenges. In some ways, the challenges offered in a home are amplified because it is hard to feel powerless in one’s surroundings.

The challenges vary depending on several factors, including whether there were older siblings in need of care, and the availability of nearby family to check-in regularly. These are the top seven gifts culled from the course of the interviews we conducted with women who made it through home bed rest.

TIP: Other things women on bed rest appreciate are texts to check in, phone calls, and offers of logistical help for errands. Remember that the woman you are supporting may be feeling anxious and disempowered.  Your presence is present enough.

Lastly, keep in mind that no matter how much a “precaution" bed rest may be, it does suggest real medical concern.

DoorDash Gift Card

Take-out Delivery Cards – Things like Doordash or Grubhub allow a pregnant woman to eat what she is craving. There is no reason anyone would know that Thai Beef Salad is the only thing she is thinking about eating, and any other offerings could make her hangry. It’s easiest if she can just choose.


Zeel Massage

Massage – The body is not made for bed rest. The inability to move around can cause a good deal of discomfort. For this reason, a massage therapist able to make home visits is a great gift. That said, be certain that the service you order a gift certificate through has therapists who are trained in pregnancy massage and that the therapist making the call understands the pregnancy to be high risk. Your recipient will not doubt clear the massage with her OB-GYN so that s/he can consider medically prescribed guidelines. In general light touch massage is safe – but do make certain to check with a provider.

Rinse Dry Cleaning & Laundry

Laundry services – Laundry has a way of piling up extremely quickly. This is especially true if there are older child/ren at home. Even if there are not, having freshly laundered sheets and comforters are one of the small real luxuries women on bed rest are in a position to thoroughly enjoy. Freshly laundered (even ironed) sheets are pretty great.

Target eGiftCard

Puzzles/board games – Not every bed rest woman is into puzzles/board games, but you’d be surprised what people discover about themselves when their options are limited. People may discover they do like puzzles. Puzzles can also be done with an older child. Ditto board games. While the Oregon Trail may work for people dedicated to long-haul board games, there is no shame in a round of Uno. That is why Target exists – the perfect game or puzzle is a hard call for a third party.

Jo-Ann Stores Gift Card

Crafts – Not every bed rest woman is into crafts. But, if they have an older child, it is nice to hunker down together and make some friendship bracelets. A gift card is nice because craft kits are very variable in terms of degrees of difficulty. This allows mom to decide what looks fun. You want an experience where the mother and child have relaxing bonding time, rather than becoming frustrated. Also, make sure that the kit includes everything necessary. You don’t want your recipient to settle down with a kid ready to craft and realize you need distilled water or some other item you don’t have lying around.

Hulu Plus Gift Card

Hulu – Gift cards for streaming services such as Hulu, Netflix, or Amazon Prime are always welcome. See which one your recipient does not already have and hit send. Binge-watching shows is an excellent way to attempt to distract from the extreme anxiety that bed rest can induce.

Instacart Gift Card

Instacart – This is a fantastic gift for a woman on bed rest because it allows her to shop from her bed and have groceries delivered. Her selections are hers alone and scaffold her privacy. Constipation is a big problem for women on bed rest and an Instacart delivery allows her to receive lots of fruit, bran products, smooth moves tea, and more. If there are other children at home, it replenishes the constant need for snacks and school lunches.


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