Pregnancy Bedrest
Seven Gift Cards for the Families of Women on Hospital Bed Rest

For expectant mothers experiencing high-risk pregnancies, hospital bed rest may sometimes become necessary. Almost everything will fall to the other parent – paying bills, mortgage, rent, childcare to name but a few.

If the expectant couple is heterosexual, it is very important for well-meaning close female friends to avoid the impulse to take over for one another in childcare crises. Men may find this impulse kind, but also frustrating. It is appropriate and respectful to confer with both parents because neither one of them is having an easy time. This post is written with the assumption that the mother in question has an older child or children at home. These suggestions reflect conversations our editorial staff has had with families in this uniquely stressful and logistically complicated situation.

Groupon eGift Card

Discounted Laundry services – Laundry + kids + no time. No more needs to be said. Plus, discount websites like Groupon allow for easy pick-up and drop off of folded and clean clothes, at an affordable price. Sadly, it won’t magically put itself away – but it’s better than the mountains of dirty clothes.

adidas Gift Card

Adidas Gift Cards – Fun gift cards like these allow money to stretch for special occasions and extracurricular activities that keep the kids busy. A new pair of cleats for soccer season? No problem.

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® eGift Card

If the parents are heterosexual, men may sometimes have more trouble asking for help and support. Men in his circle should be encouraged to swing by with a cup of coffee of a six-pack of beer – just to say hello. Oftentimes, we have heard men speak of feeling powerless in pregnancy, labor, and delivery. These feelings may be magnified when his partner is separated from the family on hospital bed rest.

DoorDash Gift Card

Food – Food is huge. Dropped off, homemadepre-made. It’s all good. So too are restaurant delivery cards that allow a family the choice in what they feel like eating.

Whole Foods Market® eGift Card

Albertsons Companies – Are similarly hugely helpful. At the risk of generalizing, it is often true that women tend to plan more meals and anticipate grocery needs more than a typical male partner. I am not denying that there are many exceptions, but the mental load tends to fall more to women and this may have a food/grocery element. So, while lots of men may be fabulous cooks, it may still remain statistically less likely that he signed up to bring napkins and plates to Valentine’s Day party in second grade (If he signed up for anything, it’s possible he stuck with the heavy lifting like that *untouched* veggie plate with hummus).

Uber Gift Card

Transportation for kids to and from after school activities – A working parent will continue to need to work. There will be circumstances where s/he cannot get to school in time to get a child to a violin lesson. 

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