Breast Cancer
Cancer Should Never Mean The End to the Dream of Having a Baby

Chick Mission fights for women’s rights to fertility preservation when diagnosed with cancer

Before she was even 40 years old, Amanda had been diagnosed with cancer three times.

Overwhelmed with her diagnosis of breast cancer, treatment options, and the myriad of appointments ahead, she also knew that she wanted to preserve her fertility for the future. 

This plight to find coverage for her fertility became painstaking as insurance companies denied her coverage and she paid the huge bills from her own savings. She knew, however, that there were other young women who were not this fortunate. 

In 2017, Amanda launched the non-profit The Chick Mission to provide hope and light to young women diagnosed with cancer as they trek through a cancer diagnosis and want to preserve their fertility.

Give InKind is now partnering with The Chick Mission to assist women who are newly diagnosed with cancer to help facilitate the support they will need during the challenging time ahead.

“There’s nothing fair about this disease and is made even more unfair by the costs associated with the journey… particularly when it comes to having the potential for a family in a cancer-free future. Chemotherapy, radiation, surgery, and long-term drug therapy often have irreversible effects on a woman’s ability to conceive and carry a baby, " said Amanda.

Women from across the country reach out as they are in the depths of uncertainty after a cancer diagnosis – and Chick Mission provides education, advocacy, and opportunity. The non-profit funds Hope Scholarships for women who can not afford to pay for their preservation, and insurance companies refuse to cover it. With over 100 Hope Grants already distributed over the last three years, Chick Mission announced it will provide 100 more in 2021. 

Since its launch, Amanda and her team at Chick Mission have worked with state governments to change coverage mandates for young cancer patients who wish to preserve their fertility. Their advocacy work has forced new regulations in New York, Connecticut, New Jersey, California, Texas, and several other states. But there is much more to be done with 40 of the 50 states without mandates. 

“Women should have a choice regarding her future family before lifesaving treatment makes decisions for her. We will advocate, educate and fundraise until coverage is the new norm in all 50 states," says Amanda.

“I had no idea when I was going through fertility preservation and after all my treatments and surgery the help I would need," said Amanda. “Your world is shaken to the core, and having a tool like Give InKind will give these women and their support network a real way to offer things that truly make a difference – and make it easy."

“Women need their village – and cancer care just exacerbates that need," said Laura Malcolm, Founder of Give InKind.  “We are humbled by The Chick Mission plight and excited to share in their journey to help women get the support they deserve."

Learn more about The Chick Mission here. Follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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