Coordinating Community Support During a Pandemic

This is a part of a series of articles around Coronavirus/COVID-19. Give InKind headquarters are located just outside of Seattle, Washington, one of the first epicenters of the US outbreak. We will continue to share resources for community responses to the virus here.

Helping communities come together in times of need is not new to Give InKind – it’s what we were designed to do. Individuals, families and communities being impacted on this scale, however, is new to all of us. Beyond quarantine and social distancing will come long-lasting effects of closed schools, decreases in business, and overworked first responders. We understand that life may soon be disrupted across the US, as it already has been in numerous communities, and these are some of the ways you can help support one another through this time.

1. Check-in: Seniors and other vulnerable community members have been advised to stay home. Many are not comfortable enough with technology to have groceries delivered, but you can help. Offer to drop off a grocery order at their door or place a delivery order for them – a great way to help even if you’re far away. Does your neighbor have the prescriptions they need? Pick up a pharmacy order for them or help them place a refill online.

2. Coordinate with neighbors: As schools and daycares close, but some workplaces remain open, there will be incredible pressure both on parents who don’t have alternate childcare options, as well as on families and children who depend on school for meeting their nutritional needs throughout the week. Check in with your teachers – do they need extra soap and disinfectant supplies now? Check in with your classmates’ parents – do they have backup care? And gently check in with members of your community – do they need any extra support with meals and snacks at home?

3. Help break up boredom: As more parents find themselves trying to work from home, you just might reach hero status by sending the kids a Kiwi Crate, full of crafts and activities they can take on. Our founder’s five-year-old son is currently obsessed with air-dry clay, but any number of educational toys would be well-received by a parent trying to juggle conference calls and an extended spring break.

4. Set up a Give InKind page: If you know someone who is being quarantined, or is showing any signs of illness, reassure them that you can help them stay home. Set up a page for them on Give InKind – build a Care Calendar and let other friends and neighbors drop off groceries or needed supplies. Send them gift cards for Instacart or Postmates to relieve economic burden.

5. Take care of your self: This is a stressful time for many, with lots of uncertainty on the horizon. Talkspace offers virtual therapy, and Calm and Headspace are meditation and sleep story apps that can help soothe frazzled nerves.

Together, we can all come out of this stronger. But for now, let’s keep our distance, shall we?

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