Coronavirus: 5 Tech Tools to Use in Quarantine (Made Easy)

As the situation with Coronavirus/Covid-19 changes rapidly around the world, we have entered a brave and temporary new world wherein vast segments of the population are advised or required to self-isolate and/or practice social distancing. This is a way to both slow the spread of the virus, flatten the curve, and keep vulnerable populations safer. Remember, the vast majority of those who have contracted this illness have suffered relatively mild or flu-like symptoms before making a full recovery.

While varying levels of preparation are underway, depending on your geographic area, we may be called upon to provide assistance to friends, family, neighbors or other community members who find themselves at home and needing support for the coming weeks. Offering to pick up an order for a neighbor or place a grocery delivery order for a loved one can go a long way.

These are 5 of our favorite tech tools that can help keep people healthy at home.

  1. Instacart – Instacart just announced a “non-contact delivery option," as a result of the Coronavirus outbreak in the United States. Instacart provides customers the opportunity to order everything from groceries to pet food and more, and to have them delivered by a personal shopper. This delivery option means that the requested items will be left at the door of the customer. It’s that simple.
  2. Postmates – Postmates connects customers to couriers to make deliveries for any number of items ranging from groceries to pharmacy needs to alcohol and more. Couriers receive customer requests through the app and deliver them directly to the customer. Postmates has also instituted a “non-contact delivery option," similar to that of Instacart.
  3. Target – Target offers curbside pickup. Customers can place orders through the Target App. When ready, cars can pull up and the order will be delivered to the waiting car. This is a great way for individuals who may not be quarantined, but want to avoid public places, to still take care of their shopping.
  4. 98.6 Telemedicine Primary Care Doctor App – This App provides on-demand, text-based primary care. All doctors are board-certified physicians and no appointments are necessary. 98.6 has doctors available 24/7 and can help people track their symptoms and work to develop a plan should symptom change. Users need not have health insurance to make use of the app which offers an introductory rate as low as $20.00 a year.
  5. Give InKind – Use Give InKind’s free platform to help friends and neighbors stay home and healthy. Set up a care calendar to coordinate drop-offs of groceries, prescriptions or other needed items. Knowing their needs will be taken care of can help older loved ones feel secure staying at home, and self-quarantined families will feel grateful for neighbors checking in on what they need.

Let’s all do our part to keep our communities healthy.

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