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What To Get Someone With A Broken Arm: Helpful Gift Ideas

If you know someone that’s broken their arm, these are some good gifts and services to get them to help.

A broken arm is no easy thing to deal with. It can impede so much of your day, from sleeping, getting up to shower and brush your teeth, eating breakfast, going to work, coming home and preparing dinner for the whole family. There’s so much that we’re doing on a daily basis and a suddenly broken arm definitely puts a wrench in things.


So how can you help?


Today we’re here to give you a list of ideas of what to get someone with a broken arm. From practical products that’ll help with comfort, to everyday things you might not think of at the moment that will help in bigger ways than you’d first realize. So let’s break down some of the best products/services you can get for your injured friend.


One of the easiest ways you can help is to bring other family members, friends, and neighbors to help. And how to do that? Create an InKind Page. Give InKind is a platform where you can create an “InKind Page" that gives information on the recipient that needs help. It also manages a schedule where people can sign up to do what they can. It takes just five minutes to complete the page and they have helpful tools to make it an easy experience. For life’s unexpected changes, Give InKind is a great way to show your care for others.

Our First Round Of Gifts Are All About: Practicality

Navigating one’s daily routine with a broken arm is tough. Let’s get some products to help with that.

person reaching their hand toward the camera as if wanting to hold the viewer's hand. what to get someone with a broken arm
Lending a helping hand especially when someone needs it most can come in a variety of ways, from a small gift to something bigger, either way it’s appreciated.

There are little things that come up every day that you may think twice about doing a certain way. Things like brushing teeth, taking a shower, reaching up to grab your bowl for cereal in the morning, and more. Each of those things are like muscle memory to most and when you have one fewer arm to work with, that can throw off the entire routine in a big way.

So we thought, let’s get practical.


Here’s a few items that’ll help make those “simple everyday tasks" get back to simple.

  • This 100% Waterproof Cast Cover Arm is perfect for the elbow, wrist, and hand cast. It keeps everyday dry, requires zero amounts of tape and rubber band usage, and can be used multiple times. It’s comfortable and easy to put on, so your loved one doesn’t have to worry about someone helping.
  • This one can be easily overlooked. It can be an absolute pain once you get into the shower and realize that you need two hands. To open your shampoo and squeeze it onto your other hand and start washing your hair. That’s why we recommend body wash, shampoo, and lotion with a pump. That way your loved one can use one hand to pump and lather. No little frustrations to worry about here. You can find pump bottles online or at your local retailer.
  • Another practical gift that might be overlooked initially is a dressing stick. Getting dressed can be time-consuming when needing to adapt one’s usual methods for putting on garments. This RMS Deluxe 28 Inches Long Dressing Stick is perfect as it can be used not just on shirts but the whole outfit as well.
  • In the same vein as the last product, a shoe horn or boot jack is great for not having to reach down and slip shoes on in the morning before your loved one leaves home for the day.
  • Lastly, a practical gift that’ll help immensely with your loved one’s daily routine is the aptly named “Reacher Grabber Tool". Yep it’s exactly as it sounds. It’s a way to help grab things from high shelves or down low without reaching up or bending down. There’s a lot of Reacher Grabber Tools on the market, there’s a list on the official PDHRE website ranking some of the best ones you can grab right now.


All of these would make for great products to get when someone you know has a broken arm.

It might help make that transition a little easier on them as they begin their own healing process.

Coming In For Seconds We Have: Comfort And Aid

These next few products are all about helping someone with a broken arm feel as comfortable as they can. They will also aid in their recovery.

medical professional examining a patient's wrist

Besides in-person physical therapy, there are ways you can help the person in their own home, too.


Going from a normal, everyday life to suddenly having a bulky cast is a fair bit of adjustment to have to deal with. Finding comfort and getting on the right track to healing is important during this time.


Here we have a few products that can help with both comfort and healing:


  • Most times when someone is dealing with a broken arm they are instructed by a healthcare professional to keep the arm elevated. This Zelen Arm Elevation Pillow Support Arm Wedge is perfect for when your loved one wants to lay down after a long day but still needs to keep that arm elevated. Stacking pillows is fine. But while they’re sleeping they might fall off the bed and that won’t do any good. This elevation pillow will be perfect to have when someone is recovering.
  • Casts can be itchy and uncomfortable and not being able to scratch underneath your cast is beyond frustrating so that’s why we’re recommending a Cast Scratcher. Perfect for getting those hard-to-reach places and won’t irritate the healing process.

(And if you’re looking for a Cast Scratcher and Sanitizer all in one, this product is also great for helping an itch and clean any sores that might be under the cast to help with healing).

  • As the weeks pass by and your friend is closer to getting their cast off, they probably have exercises they have been prescribed to help get their muscles back in action. Strength Training Grip Strengtheners are perfect to use. And they can be kept after they’ve recovered as a part of their new daily routine. There’s a bunch listed on Amazon that you can take a look through and see what might work best for the person.


These products can help with the recovery process and are great to help make the transition a little more comfortable.

Products That Are Just Fun To Have And A Little Useful

potted plant on a sunny ledge. what to get someone with a broken arm
A little bit of greenery added to the house can make all the difference on their journey to feel better.

Bring a little joy with a few of these things.

  • What to get someone with a broken arm that loves to read; how about an e-reader? This way they can read their favorite books without having to hold the book awkwardly and flip the pages. This is definitely the biggest gift on the list today. But if this is for someone you love and care about, and you are able, why not splurge a little? You can get a Kindle on Amazon and elevate their reading game for the future.
  • Next up is something simple but fun, if the person you know has young kids or just simply likes to doodle then why not get them a set of markers to make their plain cast a bit more colorful. During school, kids used to write their names on their classmates’ casts or do fun little drawings. Who’s to say you can’t do that now that you’re grown up? And if they have little kids it’s an opportunity to show them it’s not so scary that their parent got hurt.
  • One thing that may be useful both during the time with the cast and after is a fanny pack. Your loved one doesn’t have to worry about carrying a book bag or purse. With a fanny pack that’s strapped around them with a simple zipper or snap to get their items for when they’re out on the town.
  • And finally, a simple potted plant is a great little gift. It brings a bit of beauty in a time where there’s a lot more stress on their daily life.


Simple gifts sometimes make for great ones, especially when you’ve put some thought into it. It really shows how much you care.

Rounding Out The List We Have A Meal Train

Comfort food is called “comfort food" for a reason, it’s there to bring a little bit of happiness.

Eggplant Parmesan in a ceramic dish. what to get someone with a broken arm
Food is a comfort that can’t easily be replicated so cooking someone a meal is a great thing to get someone who needs it.

A meal train is a great thing to set up for someone that’s going through a life changing moment. Especially something like a broken arm. They might not be able to cook for themselves as well as they usually do. So gathering support from their friends, family, and neighbors to form a meal train is a great idea. And to set one up you can use the platform Give InKind where you can create a page, set up a schedule and share to get meals to the person who needs it. Perfect for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, or groceries, a meal train is another great way to show you care.


All of these products and services are perfect to get someone with a broken arm, and spread kindness to others. Whether you go for something small or big, you helping out is just what they needed.

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