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Helping A Loved One Survive the Journey Through Infertility

Lori Mullins Ennis is a survivor of both infertility and child loss. Here, she shares some of the things that she found helpful on her path to motherhood.


  1. In particular, Lori recommends the German Protocol. Those seeking to help couples through infertility would do well to set up a series of acupuncture appointments.
  2. Massage is a real go-to for women who are worried about pregnancies. Furthermore, because fertility treatments involve a lot of uncomfortable poking and prodding, bodily treatments that feel good are hugely appreciated.
  3. CoQ10. These are personally recommended by Lori. Do seek medical advice prior before taking.
  4. Teas to promote fertility. There are various herbal teas that promote themselves as fertility boosters which may have a good effect on the body. Again, prior to ingesting these, seek medical advice first.
  5. Royal Jelly. For those whose doctors recommend it, some women say that it can help with the promotion of good quality eggs. This supplement should be used in consult with medical professionals.
  6. Essential Oils. A basket of essential oils is a lovely way to remind a woman facing uncertain times that she is never far from your heart.

Photographs courtesy of Lori Mullins Ennis. Used with Permission.

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