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Holiday Giving: How to Remember the Unemployed & Underemployed

COVID hit hard this year and unemployment rates surged. The loss of a job today is a devastating event. People who lose their jobs are at heightened risk for anxiety and depression. In addition, parents trying to manage a work/life balance may work – but lack the hours and opportunity to get ahead of the tsunami of bills. They report feelings of helplessness, worthlessness, and despair about the future. Financial stressors are often the biggest triggers for marital stress.

For those looking to support someone who has lost their job, providing emotional support is critically important. Do make sure to check in and touch base. And, if at all possible, make sure to lend a hand with basic needs like childcare. Or, check in about basic household necessities. There is nothing quite like the gift of a full refrigerator when one’s budget is running on fumes.


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