Loss of a Partner / Spouse
Holiday Giving: Remembrances for Bereaved Spouses & Partners

Our holiday gift guides are created to suggest the most helpful things to give this holiday season. This guide suggests ideas to support the bereaved. (Bear in mind that grief knows no timeframe – a loss may have occurred calendar years ago, but the bereaved would still welcome acknowledgment).

All death is magnified during the Holidays when that happiness-on-overdrive thrumming quality reverberates. While our ability to offer tangible help is limited, the power of our reach, love, and friendship does matter. Here are a few ways to reach out and say that you too join them in remembrance of loss.

What To Express In Giving This Gift: I miss [name of deceased] too. You are not alone. I can’t imagine what you are feeling right now, but I wanted to let you know that I want to remember [name of deceased] and I am here to talk about anything should you find that useful. I can also do practical things – watch kids, carpool, go for a hike – anything. I’ll check in with you to see how I can be most useful. 

Grubhub Gift Card

Give the gift of take-out. Seriously, the perfect gift for any situation. To see whether Grubhub operates where your recipient resides, click here.

Why We Love This Gift: We love this gift because it is take-out and everyone loves take-out. It gives your recipient the flexibility to order exactly what they want, when they want it. Nothing says I love you like Pad Thai.


With You Lockets - Fine Remembrance Jewelry

Give InKind is pleased to feature With You Lockets this holiday season. Give InKind staff was drawn to the With You line because the seed of the company’s very founding grew from love.  Since its inception, With You has evolved into a unique, diverse, and high-quality line of heirloom jewelry. With You combines artistry with quality – even still being mindful of different budgets. With You designers drew their original inspiration from vintage lockets – and then added a dash of the modern. The result is a collection of lockets that capture all the fine details and workmanship of a family heirloom in contemporary shapes and sizes.

The With You line is comprised of necklaces, bracelets, cufflinks, and a cocktail ring – all with a place to insert a special photo, quote or note.

With You pieces are made of the finest sterling silver, with a mix of semi-precious and precious stones. Like the people they honor, they are something to be cherished.

Mikki Glass, Founder of With You began the company after the death of her father. As Mikki reflected on his death and navigated her grief, she was continually struck by the moments he would miss. Three years after he died, Mikki’s sister was engaged to be married and Mikki set out to find a way to have their father included in the ceremony. In this spirit, Mikki created an anklet with a locket and tucked his photos inside so he too could walk down the aisle with his daughter.

Mikki then wore the anklet on her own wedding day and soon began making them for friends and family. And with this, With You was born.

Why We Love This Product: We love With You lockets because the line is accessible, beautiful, custom, and grew from love. All of these qualities are reflected in each piece – but there is something radiant about the last of these. Love. All the employees of With You treat each request with the greatest respect and seek to provide customers with a uniformly outstanding experience. Customers select one of many beautiful pieces, supply a photo and receive their custom locket containing the picture. This is a beautiful way to remember and to celebrate in equal measure.

What to Express in Your Card:I celebrate the love this piece evokes. I join you in missing your other half. May they always be with you.

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