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Holiday Giving: Things Your Aging Loved Ones Really Need

Our holiday gift guides are created to suggest the most helpful things to give this  holiday season. This gift guide considers the best gifts for our aging loved ones. Each of these items is suggested by medical personnel who work with geriatric populations. Each of these items can serve to help in concrete ways – while also opening a larger discussion between family and friends about how to best support a loved one in the longer term. Win/win. 

As those we love age, they face many challenges – some of which they are reticent to raise with younger generations. These elders recognize that their children and grandchildren are taken up with their own young children and families. As you consider aging loved ones in your life, take into account the things they need – but may not be getting. Remember that opening initially difficult conversations has net benefit in the long term. It is an act of love.

Ideas for What To Express When Giving This Gift:

I was thinking about how much you bring to our lives. I wanted to be sure that you had everything you needed. I am giving you this practical gift because I’d love to continue to learn about challenges you face – and help to coordinate my cousins and siblings to assist as well. You have done so much for us. Please do us the honor of permitting us to return the favor. Maybe we can sit down in January to talk it over? 

Lyft Gift Card

Give anyone you love a ride anywhere. To learn whether Lyft operates where your recipient resides, click here.

Why We Love This Gift: We love this gift because it affords people the opportunity to get around. Safely. We love that. For people who are in treatment and too sick to get home from the doctor, to people who are no longer comfortable driving at night, this gift empowers people.

What To Express In Your Card: I know that transport can be complicated. I wanted to make sure that you could get around easily. I wish I were there to do this myself – but in case you need this as a convenience on your terms – here you are! Sending love.


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