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Holiday Giving: Things to Support a Sick Kid Over the Holidays

Our holiday gift guides are created to suggest the most helpful things to give this holiday season. This guide is designed to help those who wish to reach out to families who have a sick kid – those who are hospital or homebound over the holidays. Reaching out to these families is often gift enough. If you want to add to that, consider these ideas. 

Pediatric illness can be isolating. Children who have compromised immune systems may not be able to socialize with others, even more so with COVID.  Concerned family and friends who wonder what they can do to help may be uncertain about how best to approach a family. Many families report that while they appreciate the respect and consideration, they also welcome visitors when permitted – or even drive-by hello’s! Think about checking in and what time is best – kids in treatment get tired.  If you allowed to be near, please, wash your hands without being reminded. (One mom tells us this is the gold standard). If there are siblings, make sure to bring something for them too. If miles separate you, think about Skype or Zoom sessions.

What To Express When Giving This Gift: You guys are amazing and we miss you. I know it’s hard to get out – so I wanted to bring you some stuff. Thanks for all the joy you all bring us. Let us return some. As things progress, I hope you don’t find me intrusive for checking in. I want to help. Sending love to you guys and to your amazing kid(s.)

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