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Meal Train for healthcare providers. Three area hospitals

caldwell, NJ


Harmony Day Spa is organizing a Meal Train to feed our front line health care providers. We want to touch and feed the following areas: -St Barnabus Medical Center ICU -Morristown Medical Center ICU -University Hospital Newark ***Help them directly here. -Mountainside ICU-has a GoFundme Page--> We are simply trying to organize a healthy and nourishing meal for health care providers. Alternatively, small and local food businesses may be able to sustain some harder times by literally feeding these front line workers. They are getting paid through your donations. We will look to have a local restaurant first deliver meals to hospitals. We will look for "contact-free" deliveries. When that is not possible we will make deliveries ourselves with gloves and masks. Any local volunteers are always welcome. Two part goal: 1)FEED health care workers with healthy food 2)PAY local restaurants and food businesses

Special Notes

Rules of the road: 1. Claim day as a Restaurant establishment and literally feed 30 hungry nurses and Drs at the listed hospital (3). Once claimed Amy will be in touch with you to help with all coordination of delivery, times, working with internal ICU or hospital foundation teams, etc. The restaurant claims and feeds the day. ***IMPORTANT--> The restaurant is covering the costs of meal until Paypal donations come in. 2. Anyone can make a Paypal donation to offset the above cost to the local restaurants above. This is very much encouraged and needed to keep our local business feeding our helpers! Many restaurants are offering meals at cost. Please help them. Even $10 or $20 helps. Any amount is helpful. Our goal is to feed our health care teams. That is it. The Paypal account used is mine (Amy Waldorf-HDS business account) because I did not want to set up a Go Fund me page and have a percentage taken. This money will all be used for feeding the healthcare workers and all financial transactions will be completely transparent. Any leftover money from one day will simply be rolled over and donated to the next meal. The need schedule is completed through the month of April. Any restaurants who would like to reach out to me directly, please email or phone me at 917-279-6432. Thank you in advance for your kindness, Amy Waldorf Owner Harmony Day Spa, LLC

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