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Loving Help for Jan

Battle Ground, WA


Hello, friends! This page has been created to support Jan Highley as she recovers from surgery. We hope to take some pressure off of her and Dan so that she can rest and recuperate and get back to doing the things she loves to do! If you can sign up to bring them a meal, or send a gift card to a local restaurant, or even a gift card for a book to read to help her pass the time, that would be lovely! You can even send her an encouraging message to make her smile. This is a busy time for all of you so do not feel that you have to do anything at all. Jan appreciates calls and texts as well. Thank you to Bonnie S, Lorri, and Julie who have already taken meals. **Please drop off gifts/meals on porch with a text or a knock. FAVORITE RESTAURANTS: anything Thai FAVORITE FOODS: Fruits, vegetables, salad, soup, chicken or fish preferred, quiche, Mexican, Thai, healthy, simple, and freezable. Prefers no pasta or pizza.

Special Notes

If you have questions, please call the organizers, Julie Drimmel, 360-601-7518, and Glynda Hamilton, 360-606-4241.

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