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Supporting Trent Sanders and family

Allen, OK


Trent was in a car accident in between Ada and Stratford early Monday morning. He was mediflighted to OU med at the scene. He has shattered his left ankle/foot and needs multiple surgeries to try to repair his foot. The docs are hopeful they can save his foot at this time but he still has a long road to recovery. He was discharged home today and is battling some pain control. With all the added stress right now I figured one thing we can help with is providing meals so they don’t have to worry about cooking. If you feel led to sign up for a day to bring them a meal, some quick take out, or just some goodies, I know they would appreciate it.

Special Notes

They are not picky, no food allergies. They even said any time of day (breakfast, lunch, or dinner) they would appreciate any meals.

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