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Care for Mere

Fort Worth, TX


Meredith went to the doctor for what she thought was an upper respiratory infection with several negative covid tests, it was all a mystery. It turned out to be really bad pneumonia which caused a pleural effusion and required surgery. She has been in the hospital for over a week, praying she gets to go home tomorrow, facing a long recovery! Meredith and her husband have two young kids at home and not having to worry about meals could really help them out! Meredith will be home for the next few weeks, as her body heals, so I have included some lunch drop off times as well, but dinner ready when everyone gets home from school will be a beautiful blessing. If you are able to drop off or send a meal I know they would appreciate it and it would mean so much! Please help pull together and encourage this sweet family in their recovery!! If you know Meredith or Derek please share this; I would love this to be one less thing they have to worry about as she recovers!

Special Notes

Egg and avocado allergies. Right now, not up for visitors Could change as she heals!

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