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Meals for Swedish Hospital ICU

Chicago, IL


Please know that the food donation must comply with appropriate guidelines to ensure everyone’s safety. - Food must come from restaurants only and must be individually wrapped and sealed—no large tin family-style pans. Pizza is the ONLY exception - Food must not contain nuts or nut products. - For precautionary measures and for the safety and protection of our entire staff the hospital is unable to accept homemade foods. For more questions about food donations please email Jennifer at [email protected] STEPS 1. Select date and time slot of your choice by clicking "I'll Help" to donate a breakfast, lunch, dinner or coffee/snack. 2. Quantity will vary and will be given for each time slot. (we realize some are large groups, anything helps, doesn't need to account for all) 3. Choose “I’ll provide myself” if you would like to work with a restaurant of your choice on the delivery OR choose “Order from a local restaurant” to select from available restaurants on Grubhub OR you can choose to send a gift card for a meal delivery provider. 4. In your claimed spot please specify the donor’s name, the name of the restaurant the delivery is coming from and a brief description of what is ordered - this is very helpful for the hospital so they know what to expect. 5. Work with the restaurant and delivery person to provide them with specific instructions on where to deliver. 6. Please note when calling to place your order please mention that you are donating your meal as we have found many restaurants are providing some type of discount for your good deed!

Special Notes

Deliveries have to be made at the specific time slot you choose as listed on the calendar Delivery should go to the front desk personnel in the Galter Medical Pavilion at 5140 N California. Contact number: 773-878-8200 ext. 6300 Upon arrival to the Galter Medical Pavilion front entrance, the delivery person NEEDS TO SPECIFY which department the delivery is for. **Please understand as the situation continues to evolve hospitals will be regularly updating their policies, delivery instructions and time slots. If you claim a slot in the future PLEASE MAKE SURE to check back just before delivery for updated instructions!

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