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Support Jennifer after her car accident. She will be bedridden for 4-6 weeks.

Bellevue, NE


On April 4h, Jennifer was in a car accident as a passenger on the Tennessee/Kentucky border. She was severely injured with broken ribs, multiple chest contusions, and a bruise on her left lung close enough to her heart that they are keeping an eye on. She also has a small area of pneumonia. Her family had just spent two days visiting her favorite pilots, medical crews and Vanderbilt Medical Center and on their way home was the accident. Trauma doctors are saying she will be out of work for 4-6 weeks. She has been advised to stay in bed except walking a few minutes each day. Jennifer was flown via medical fixed wing airplane back to Omaha for immediate care..We thank God that others in the car were not injured. Jennifer works for an Air Medical company and dispatches for Air Methods. She is 911 for 911 and is usually saving lives not being on this end. Her short term disability only cover half of what she normally makes. The car insurance is giving the run around saying it depends on the state where the accident occurs if she gets wage losses and they are investigating it. Her husband Brad would like to stay home and care for her with FMLA but he has no paid time off available. Jennifer’s mother is able to come over to help some, but not sure it will be for the whole time. We are looking at in home care but we are getting the run around on that also. We are looking for help to cover her wages lost, food, bills, rent, son’s diabetes supplies for her 8yr and time off wages for her husband to also care for her. . Anything her family and friends could give , including a meal would be so much appreciated. You are all the best! Thank you! 

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