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Supporting the Duncans

Chelsea, AL


Friends and Family, As many of you have heard, the Duncans are back on US soil, and their lives have been turned a little upside down regarding Karrie’s health. In less than 1 week, Karrie lost her ability to drive, read text messages, walk around unassisted, put on makeup, recognize facial expressions, etc. Her progressive vision loss happened quickly, with no answers as to why. After several visits to many doctors and hospitals, she was diagnosed with a fairly large brain tumor. Due to the nature of it’s size, her doctors concluded that it has been growing there for quite some time. Fortunately, she visited UAB Hospital and had most of the tumor removed. After a long stay in the ICU and a few bumps in the road, she is “home” and starting therapies and continued treatments for her road to recovery. If you are new to meeting the Duncan family, they have been serving as missionaries in Indonesia for 19 years. Since this was all unexpected, they had to suddenly drop their responsibilities and rush to the US for Karrie to receive the medical care she needed to help save her vision and her life. Thankfully, someone is providing a home for them to stay in while she recovers. Let’s try to help them alleviate any worry about meals or unexpected expenses. Our goal is for them to be able to focus solely on Karrie’s recovery. From now until the 23rd they will be at this address: 3438 Cliff Road apartment K., Birmingham 35205. Then from 23rd -until they will be at this address: 475 Foothills Parkway, Chelsea 35043 Please choose a date to sign up and take them a meal, donate a meal card, grocery card, or have a meal delivered. If you are dropping a meal off, please respect their time and space as Karrie is still trying to heal and recover. Plus let’s try to protect her from germs. Thanks for your help in this matter. You can also donate to their PayPal account linked below. All of their belongings are still in Indonesia, so a portion of the money donated will help purchase items that are immediately needed. Another portion will help fund the cost of plane tickets that they will eventually need in order to get back. Thank you so much to everyone who has been praying for Karrie and her family. Your prayers are heartfelt and much appreciated. We will keep everyone updated with her progress. Much Love 💕

Special Notes

There are no allergies. Please NO sick visitors. Be considerate of their time and space. Feel free to send a gift card for groceries, meals, etc. anything is appreciated. Text Karrie/Chris @ (205) 222-0019 on the day you are set to deliver meal to make arrangements for time.

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