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OTF Support for the Foster Family (Big John)

Virginia Beach, VA


The Foster family are pillars to the OTF Hilltop family and you've probably seen (or heard) him in class. His daughter, Lily, also worked for us as a sales associate and is also a long time member. Earlier this week, John suffered a pulmonary embolism in his lungs and has been in the hospital all week. His wife, Karol, also had a major surgery on Monday in which John was supposed to play nurse. Lily headed back for her senior year at VT, so they are having quite a week as they have both been discharged and are recovering at home. As many of you know, John is a retired police officer of 30 years and a gentle giant full of personality and is the first to support his fellow OTF members. Now it's our turn to support the big feller and give back to the Foster family. If you would like to drop off prepared meals to the studio, Ashley and Taylor will deliver to the home as we do not want to disturb them while resting. We are requesting easy options (breakfast, lunch, dinner) that can either be frozen or oven-ready to keep it simple. Flowers, snacks, cards, etc are also welcomed. Let's unite together and help take care of a great family who has done so much for the OTF Hilltop community!

Special Notes

Big John will be on freeze for awhile, so let's try to stick with healthier options if possible. He also needs to adjust his diet due to the medications he's on, so please avoid an excessive amount of brussel sprouts, kale, spinach or cranberry juice. We're certain he's going to be devastated over this ;-)

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