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Helping Carey the OsteoinFlorence

Florence, AS


Food train full. Please donate. I was in a big car accident. Hospitalized and wobbled away thanks to the will of the Creator, prayers, and self-care medicine. The first thing I said was “call my kids.” The moment after impact I will never forget. The high-pitched sound in my head like in the movies. I was sawed out of the car with “the jaws of life” as they are called and it was totaled. In fact we are starting to receive donations via PayPal link (see below) since the crash was financially devastating for us due to a glitch in the car and self-employed injury insurance policies that we didn’t understand. Recovery is going well as I heal my brain amd bruises. There was a full impact with the car t boning into the passenger side (my side) and I felt the car hit me. Surreal. Head hit. Concussion. The scene was like from the movies led by full body scans xrays pet scans ultrasounds. All tests negative except for strong concussion symptoms (no fractures thank God) and hematomas mostly around my arm and liver. I had distance prayers and healings and have worked cranial techniques on myself including what I know and do for my patients like micro continuum movement exercises and sounds and unwinding. Every moment after the impact waiting for the rescuers I applied micro trauma release applications while I was strapped to the boards followed by pops of things going back into alignment. What has inspired my life work may have saved it. PEMF therapy and homeopathy to add to the standard mix of care. God Blessed and so grateful.

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PayPal donations warmly welcomed to [email protected] (euro) as this wreck is financially devastating.

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