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Brooklyn, NY


This page serves to support Cisne with a MEAL TRAIN and WALKING PORGY <3 as she recovers from a trip to the hospital after an emergency. SIGNING UP FOR GIVEINKIND TO BE ADDED TO THE SCHEDULE IS QUICK AND EASY! Lets make sure she can chill throughout the weekend so she can focus on recuperating, relaxing, and healing. This page also serves to support her fundraiser to take care of her living fees and saving for gender affirming procedures to keep her on track to enrichment and make sure she can thrive after experiencing harm. You can donate to her venmo or cashapp with the links to the right, make sure to have the description of the payment say "meal train".

Special Notes

Cisne's favorite foods: Mash Potatoes, Mac and cheese, chicken (in most forms), grapes, brussels sprouts and carrots. Breakfast foods includes: Eggs (prepared any style), pancakes, and sausage. Favorite drink: Apple juice NO CORN, NO BEANS!! Feel free to contact Cisne about what you're thinking of buying or ordering her if you're unsure.

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