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Support Erin's surgery recovery

Seattle, WA


As some of you may already know, Erin is having a surgery on March 14th called a Chiari decompression (a surgery to create more space for the brain and spinal cord) which will limit her short term ability for lifting, driving and certain movements. Rachel and I started this page as a lot of you have reached out to Erin to see how to support her, Andy, Connor and Elise during her recovery. Erin is not one to ask for help and Rachel and I thought it would be best to have an organized manner for anyone who would like to support the Bembry family with dinner and dog walking (Bodie is delightful) while she is recovering. Thank you in advance for your support. Warmly, Missy & Rachel

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The Bembry family 8047 22nd Avenue NW

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