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Ariela Food & Love

New York, NY


Ariela's knee surgery is Wednesday, January 17, after which weight-bearing activities are prohibited for 5 weeks. Let's show her and Sander some love by providing them some meals during this time when Ari won't be able to walk. Nourishment helps healing!

Special Notes

Allergies: brazil nuts/pine nuts/pesto. Dietary preferences: chicken soup grilled salmon grilled chicken hamburger, broccoli/cauliflower/asparagus sweet potatoes cucumber salad cole slaw Suggested places: Kosher Marketplace Bagels & Co. Deli Kasbah Holy Schnitzel Address & Contact Info re Deliveries: 175 W.76th St., Apt. 9G Best contact - Sander's cell #646-430-1379 Doorman is 24/7

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