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Love for Melanie

Huntingtown, MD


On Sunday, June 6th Melanie suffered a serious injury to her left knee. After multiple ER, doctor visits and tests she was diagnosed with a completely torn ACL ligament in her left knee. She is using a wheelchair now, with a full leg brace. Melanie will have surgery in several weeks to replace the torn ACL. She is going to physical therapy sessions so her knee will have more motion and strength prior to the operation. Getting around is challenging and painful for her, especially in a three story house. She is continuing to work from home. Her recovery path will be difficult and take many months. Melanie can use all the positive support we can share with her. Saying healing prayers, sending a card and just kind words will be much appreciated! If you would like to contribute and purchase a gift card, I have created this page with local restaurants and stores. These gifts will ease some burden for her and Larry by providing food home delivery or anything else they need to make their lives easier. Melanie is truly one of the most kind and generous people and never asks for help. Let's show her our love and appreciation during her journey to full recovery! Thank you for your support!!

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