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Helping Jon Recover

Dayton, MN


Helping Jon Recover is a page I (Kaitlyn- his eldest daughter) created for my dad in hopes to get a meal train started. Breakfasts and lunches would be helpful but dinners are what he could benefit from the most. Easy to heat/reheat, heart healthy meals are best. Batch cooking/ freezer meals are great! He is recovering from cardiac surgery and providing healthy, premade/home cooked meals for him would help him out immensely as he continues to recover from surgery.

Special Notes

Heart healthy meals are best! Low sodium, low fat, minimal preservatives. Refrain from fast food chains. Foods such as lean meats, vegetables, fruit, whole grains are best! No known food allergies. Delivery method: drop off meal on front porch or ring doorbell. When in doubt, call first!

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