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Groveport Madison Competition Cheer Team Needs Help going to OrlandO

Groveport, OH


Groveport Madison Competition Cheer Team Makes History Who ever thought Groveport Madison High School would be setting the bar at the Athletic spectrum in high School sports? Groveport athletics have come a long way in the last couple of years, let’s think about the accomplishments that Groveport Athletics has had, boys wrestling three time conference champions, girls softball are three time conference champions, boys soccer won the OCC conference this year and then you have the Cruiser football team that won the OCC conference and made it all the way to the regional semifinals. Wow! Then you have the cheerleaders that put in allot of hard work which consists of daily practices, practices with the lower level cheerleaders to prepare them for the future of what it takes to be a cruiser cheer leader, weekend tumbling classes, weekend spirit events, they support all of the various sports at any given time. So as most teams get their weekends off the cheer leaders are traveling to make a name for themselves against other high school teams state wide to show off the hard work and dedication, they put in. This past weekend the cheer leaders made another mark in Cruiser history at the Spirit Competition at Cambridge High. The Cruiser Competition Cheer leaders lead by Coach Brandy Seydler and Coach Krena Hubner achieved not only Division Champions, but they took it a few steps further, they won the Spirit Serious Grand Champion and a paid in bid to the National Ameri Cheer Competition in Orlando Florida. Another bar set by a Cruiser Alethic team. The difference is this, other sports can get on a bus and travel week after week to chase their dreams, its not that easy for these ladies. They need to pay for some of the expenses to make this dream come true, to show the rest of the world the level of cheer they can perform at. The cost is roughly $1200 dollars per cheerleader which is about $23,000 to have this opportunity that they have dedicated so much time and effort to achieve. Through the support of fellow classmates, teachers, administers and the whole community is how these ladies will fulfill the destiny that they have worked so hard to achieve. Any and all donations for this cause are welcome and appreciated. See one of the coaches for details or contact Krena at [email protected] , 614-975-3263 or Brandy at [email protected]. Tax ID# available upon request. Thank you for your support to make our dreams come true, The Groveport Cruiser Competition Cheer Leaders 

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It takes a Village to make dreams come true, and I need your help