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Auntie Amanda’s Broken Leg Support

Corona, CA


Hi Everyone, While on vacation in Costa Rica, Aunt Amanda slipped and broke her leg on January 13th. We don’t have details on what her exact treatment will entail yet, but she will likely have surgery and will definitely be non-weight bearing and partial weight bearing for several months. This is going to be a long and difficult recovery, especially since Amanda is so used to caring for everyone else and doing everything for herself. Amanda is the first person to give support, and the last person to ask for it, so this page is hopefully going to make it easier for all of us to lend a helping hand. I anticipate she will need the most help with healthy meals that will support her surgery recovery and bone healing, rides to and from appointments, and chores around the house. She will also be very bored and your company will help her get through these next few months of down time.

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