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Campland 2021 MEAL SHARING!!!


Here is our meal sharing sign up link for Campland this year. I have made sure to update the correct numbers of how many will be eating at each meal (at least with the information that I have at this time, so just let me know if anything changes). At this point, we have SEVEN FAMILIES all taking part in meal sharing, so we have set it up to where each family has only ONE meal to provide for the entire group (Yes, you are cooking for a LOT of people...but you only have to do it ONCE!). In addition to your one meal, we will be having our POTLUCK style dinner on Wednesday night where each family will be responsible for cooking/grilling your own meat/main for your individual family, but each family will also need to provide a side dish that is big enough for everyone to share. You will need to just let me (Kristi--480-244-8520) what your side dish will be that night, and I will update that information on that night's description as I get them. As of now, our total number of meal sharers is at 32 people broken down this way (so PLEASE let me know if this changes): LAWRENCES—5 COPES—5 COXES—5 FEUCHTS—5 DASCOLIS—5 SPEARS—7 KOPAS—1

Special Notes

At this point, I have not heard about any dietary allergies or anything, so please let me know if there are any. Because of this, there are no needed restrictions on the meal you provide.

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