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Love and support for Cary and Heather


Hello loved ones. As you all have heard, our Cary is in the hospital undergoing extensive testing for what is at present a mystery. He had a sudden onset of extreme back pain and was taken by ambulance to Community Memorial Hospital on Wednesday. In addition to excruciating pain in his upper mid back, he experienced paralysis in his left hand as well as tingling in other parts of his body. Many tests were done and as Heather said, “really gnarly things were ruled out.” That said, the doctors are mystified as to the cause of his pain and other symptoms. He underwent a spinal tap yesterday, which as you probably have heard are very painful and cause a major headache and nausea, but hopefully answers will be forthcoming soon. In the meantime, he is resting as best he can with the help of medications for pain and nausea. His best friend and partner, Heather, has been at his side which is the best comfort he could ask for. The plan is for Cary to stay in the hospital for a total of five days. Once he goes home, Heather will be his wonderful caregiver. It would be fantastic to have a meal train in place so she doesn’t have to think about meal prep.GrubHub certificates would probably be the most appreciated. Thank you, everyone. All your love is the best healing medicine. And most importantly, your prayers.

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