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Supporting Barbara ❤️

Cedar City, UT


On Monday morning July 12th Barbara was brought to the emergency room after her daughter Melissa found her very weak, dehydrated, and ill with flu-like symptoms. She was rushed to the ICU in Saint George and later diagnosed with a severe blood infection, more commonly known as Septic Shock. It is a very severe and life threatening infection. After 5 days in the ICU fighting for her life, with several complications along the way, she was moved. to a hospital room & is undergoing very aggressive antibiotic treatment, along with other medications to assist in her recovery. We hope that she can be released from the hospital by the end of the week.....but Barbara will have several months of healing and recovery ahead of her. She will likely be unable to return to work for a little while, and will need regular care and assistance with daily activities. Her family is putting the call out to her friends, community, and family members far and wide to help support her during this recovery journey. Below is a meal train sign up, as well as sign ups to help with things like running errands, picking up groceries, helping out around the house, and driving her to her daily visits to the doctor. Monetary Donations are also greatly appreciated, as are gift cards, or sending healing items from her Amazon wishlist:

Special Notes

Barbara's address is 838 East Fiddler's Canyon Road in Cedar City, UT. 84720 She will be mostly on bed rest when she returns home from the hospital, but her husband Paul or youngest son Zachary will be available to answer the door and receive meal train contributions, and assist with any final meal prep needs (baking, heating, plating, etc). If Barb is up for it you may be able to visit with her as well. Nourishing home cooked meals that are diabetic friendly are greatly appreciated during this time of recovery. Avoid dishes with sugar, refined carbs. Simple Whole Foods, Vegetables, greens, salads, whole grains, lean proteins, eggs, nuts, seeds, and low sugar fruits (like citrus & berries) are great. Other things that could be helpful are running errands, picking up groceries, helping out with things around the household, or taking her to her daily appointments at the hospital to get the intravenous medications she'll need throughout her recovery process. If you are not able to help Barbara locally then monetary donations, gift cards, or sending items from the Amazon wishlist ( are also greatly appreciated during this time of healing of recovery. Please send donations through the Paypal link on this page or you can also send via Venmo to her oldest daughter who will make sure she gets it to Christina-Sasser-2 or via Cashapp: $ChristinaSasserOR....or send a check via us mail to the address above. As you all know, Barbara is of the most selfless, kind, and generous people on the planet......and she needs her friends and community now more than ever. Thank you for giving what you are able to. Her family are deeply grateful for everyone who is surrounding her and supporting her recovery. She is a fighter, and has a lot of good memories to make ahead of her. Thank you for your love, care, generosity, and kindness!

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