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dee's top surgery support

Portland, OR


if you're seeing this, you probably already know that i'll be having a chest reconstruction surgery (aka top surgery) on february 7! i'd love your support in the form of food and company as i recover, to ease some strain on my primary caregivers (nicholas and hanna (who will be helping with the less fun things like helping me shower and change bandages and empty surgical drains)) 🌀 how this works: i'll have one slot open per day for the first two weeks. you're welcome to grab a day, then figure out later over text what time will work best for both of us (hard to predict my energy levels in advance) ⚡️ notes: it feels a little bit like i'm saying "pls make me dinner for two entire weeks". that's not what i'm saying! though meal support within the first two weeks will be particularly helpful, i don't need or expect meal support every day of the first two weeks. ideas: i've been told it's best to stick to low-sodium diet to help reduce swelling. i'd really appreciate low-sodium nutrition-dense vegetarian meals with lean proteins like beans/lentils and soy (edamame/tofu/soy curls) and fresh veggies 🥦🥕

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