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Hearts for Hoffman: Fans & Friends Supporting Tim Tubbs Hoffman & Family

Port Orchard, WA


On Wednesday April 21, 2021 Tim suffered an unexpected heart attack while enjoying his day at home with his Life Partner, Lori and youngest daughter Dixie. Miraculously by the Grace of God and Loving Hands of Lori and the nearby construction workers (working next door to their residence) he was given CPR until the medics arrived. Having gone 27 minutes without oxygen he was in serious critical condition and yet -A Fighter- with a Army of Prayer Warriors; he survived the night. He was able to be taken off life support by the following evening; day by day making miraculous progress. The following few days he was kept under observation to ensure brain activity was in tact prior to performing any heart procedures. Adding burden to his battle; he tested positive for Covid 19, though he felt no symptoms of the virus, procedures were delayed per virus protocol. On Thursday April 29, 2021 he was finally taken in for discovery that resulted in the determination that he is in need of a Triple Heart Bypass. On Friday April 30, 2021 His medical team informed him that due to the presence of Covid they will need to wait 6-7 weeks to perform the bypass surgery. In the interim, he will be given a pacemaker and will be released to go home while they wait for the bypass to be scheduled accordingly to protocol. The defibrillator was a success on May 2, 2021. Though any unexpected emergency can be devastating and difficult to comprehend, the joyful days prior made it even harder to understand for family and friends. Tim and Lori had just returned on Sunday, April 11, 2021 from their amazing time in Jamaica attending his beautiful daughter Brittany's wedding, He returned to playing drums in a local band in the evening, he was playing in the sandbox with his youngest daughter Dixie during the day (in the playground he made at home for her aka "Dixieland") and was ecstatic to be returning to the long anticipated reopening of The Admiral Theatre, where he is the beloved and talented Technical Director. The financial and household hardships brought on by his recent medical needs are preceded by Tim being unemployed the entire past year. As a Technical Director in the Live Theatre Industry, his workplace, The Admiral Theatre was directly impacted by the shut downs of public venues due to the Covid-19 Pandemic. This found Tim among the countless professionals across the globe in the Arts, Media and Entertainment Industry that were unemployed without warning, one day in March 2020. One year later, Kitsap County was granted Phase 3 status permitting live venues to open for business per guidelines. Monday, April 19, 2021, two days BEFORE his heart attack, Tim began his first day "back in the saddle again" officially reinstating 50% employment. Two days AFTER his heart attack, the first show in over a year went on, while he lay in the Intensive Care Unit. ironic word and understatement. So, what does a guy who lost his job for a year due to a pandemic who had a major heart attack receiving a triple by pass need? In a word...everything. Prayer, Sharing this link, Finances, Meals, Household Chores, Big expenses, Little expenses, etc. This page has been developed with a variety of ways you can Give In Kind as you are able. Any requests he and Lori have along the way will be posted as we know there will be many unseen tasks and needs along this journey. Anything big or small you can do to help along his road to recovery and healing is appreciated beyond measure. Tim is a devoted servant to the Lord, father to his children, life-Partner to his Love & brother to his siblings; an Inspiration to his community; a invaluable co-worker, leader & mentor to his colleagues, staff and crew and a very loved Friend to ALL... He's kind of a big deal.

Special Notes

No food allergies. Dietary Restrictions: Healthy low carb meals please. Nothing too spicy or chewy. No fast food, fried food, pizza or burgers, sweets, low sodium. Seafood:Shrimp only preferred, please. Suggestions: casseroles, meatloaf, chicken rice Visits: Visitors please contact Lori and Tim directly prior to visiting.

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