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Love for Gma Carla

Spartanburg, SC


As some may know my angel on earth fell and broke her hip two weeks before Christmas. She made it home for Christmas and stayed with her daughter for a few weeks . She is now in her own home and even tho she is doing much better gma needs us for a little help to ease some worries. Gma has always been Iove and support for all of us it’s now time to show her how much we love and support her. If you would like to send her meals keep in mind she is 86 so it has to be meals she can enjoy. Salads, soups, Chinese ( house lo mein ), cracker Barrel low sodium foods. If you’re doing drop offs casseroles and easy to heat up dinners. Gift cards, help with groceries and Dr. appointments when my mom can’t do it. We all know Carla is very independent and does not ask for help easily. So us as a community can help GMA. Please sign up and help our angel on earth continue to heal and get back to her self again. Thank you all for loving Carla so much.

Special Notes

Gma is on a low sodium diet. This may be a challenge don’t hesitate to reach out and ask.

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