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Support for the Wallace Family

Meridian, ID


Matt and Meg Wallace have just experienced an unthinkable amount of tragedy this week. On Sunday, Meg's mom was rushed to St Luke's where she was diagnosed covid positive with low oxygen levels. An hour later, Meg received a phone call that Matt and his son, Bradley had been in a serious accident. A dog ran out in front of them while traveling in their side by side. Matt swerved to miss the dog and hit a tree head on. Matt suffered multiple injuries and Bradley has a broken wrist and toe. On Wednesday, Meg's mom passed away. Matt is still in the hospital and underwent his third and hopefully final surgery on Friday. Our hope is that he will be able to come home next week. He needs to be able to tolerate his pain while just on oral medication and be able to get from bed to wheelchair. If he's unable to do that in the near future he will be transported to a rehab facility. He has to be non-weight bearing for 3 months. Matt has been unable to have any visitors and has been grieving and healing completely alone, while stressing about Meg, their children, his automotive shop and being self employed. This family needs a blessing. Helping with some of the financial burden that they will experience in the coming months will provide some relief so they can focus on helping each other heal mentally and physically.

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