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Meal Train for Doug and Nancy Smee

San Luis Obispo, CA


The nasty, horrendous COVID-19 virus has struck the most amazing, caring, selfless people I know! As breakthrough COVID cases, both Doug and Nancy tested positive for COVID and Doug unfortunately had to be hospitalized a few days ago. After spending a few days in the ICU, the amazing team at French Hospital were able to improve his oxygen levels with a non-invasive ventilator. He is now at 50% oxygen support and was moved out of the ICU today and on the road to recovery. This is great news! Praise God! Though we don't know for sure when Doug will be discharged from the hospital, we are hoping it will be by this Sunday. Nancy is still recovering from COVID at home. Let's show them our love and support by signing up for meals to help as they slowly recover. Obviously, no visitors, but you may place meals on the bench outside their home and return to your car. Then text them so they know it has arrived.

Special Notes

No visitors. No dietary restrictions. Place meals on bench near front door. Text 805-215-8306 when delivery has been made. Thank you!

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