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Love and support for Destini



Hello Friends and Family , I hope all is well ! As I'm gearing up for surgery on March 3Oth , 2021. I have created this space for the folks that want to wish me well and provide my family and i with support after my surgery. I have to be at the hospital at 6:00 am and surgery starts at 9:15 am. My Partner Messiah Jacobs will serve as my advocate and as emergency contact during the time of March 30th -April 5th 2021. It would be extremely helpful if my friends and family could help out with food, snacks and help pick up Zylons school Distribution. If your feeling the helping spirit please reach out to Messiah @804-874-2768 to coordinate drop offs.

Special Notes

-If food is purchased please ensure its for the family size of 3 -My family has no food allergies -Flowers and cards are welcomed on any day (My favorite flower is Sunflowers ) *If you would like to send some funds for , food , gas, or medical supplies please do so Through $evollifee05 (cash app) @destini-Barnette (Venmo) -Please no long phone conversations i will only have 1 arm to use lols -Please call before popping up , i might not be able to get to the door -Also gift cards are welcomed , i would prefer if they are target , cvs or walmart as i need to be able to afford my meds and recovery bandage's (Gauze , cohesive wrap tape, tylenol and other things as need be.

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