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Kyenne Care

Portland, OR


Hi, WHY: I'm having my R hip replaced on Monday, June 21! Post-op planning is done... post-operatively, so I'm not sure when I'll return home. It might be Wednesday the 23rd, or later in the week if I need to go to rehab for PT. WHEN: It's likely I'll need help the first three weeks or so - there are restrictions that make doing some things impossible (think walker). Calls, emails, visits - all are welcome. WHAT: help with mundane daily stuff! If you see an empty day, call or stop by to say hi for 20 minutes or be creative. Any and all good thoughts appreciated. Distraction is fabulous! Some days have specific requests - otherwise, things like bringing up the mail OR dropping off some food OR picking up groceries I've ordered would make my day. I'll update w/specific needs!!

Special Notes

I'm casting a wide net - with summer, work, family, and life, everyone's busy. There's a call box at the entrance to the building - you scroll through to 515 or my name to call my cell phone. I can open the door and send an elevator down over the phone. I'm grateful for whatever you can do: good thoughts, coffee, conversation or company.

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