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About Support and Love for Alta

We are setting this page up to coordinate food and other ways to let Alta and Charley know you are supporting them during Alta's recovery process. Alta has endometriosis that they believe has spread to other parts of her body. What is this like? It is like having hundreds or thousands of excruciatingly painful blisters or bee stings all around the inside of your body. She is having a full hysterectomy and they are cutting out the rest of the endometriosis. Due to this, Alta will be having two surgeries. One on December 7th and the other on December 12th. Her estimated recovery time is 4-6 weeks. Thank you for being amazing friends and family! You can visit the wishlist on the side of this page or give a meal. There are gift card and PayPal options available that will allow them to pick up food. They will be in the Dallas area for two weeks so Uber Eats or Door Dash gift cards would be helpful. Those are not available on this site, but you can purchase them on Amazon and email them to They understand it might not be possible for everyone to visit them, so these are other great options. By showing your love and support during this healing time, you are going to bring them so much joy. They hope to be back in Oklahoma by December 14th. Please note that times and days are really flexible. You are welcome to come before or after 5pm. Feel free to text Alta's phone at 903-736-1281, Lavone (Alta's mom) at 903-736-1122 or Charley at 405-641-4943 to schedule a time to drop off food or schedule a visit.

Special Notes: 

No spicy foods.