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Plano, TX


Remember how exhausting moving can be? Due to a sudden rental housing situation, Amanda and the girls are having to move out of their current living space very quickly. Moving day is May 20th! Amanda has decided to temporarily move to Houston to live with her Dad while she regroups and figures out what to do next. She has been working 3 jobs trying to make ends meet on her one income. I set up this page for Amanda to reach out to her many friends who may be able to lend a hand in her time of need. Amanda has decided to sell many of her possessions to make it easier to move in with her dad. I anticipate some of the following needs: Help her sell big furniture items on Nextdoor, Facebook Marketplace, etc. Help pack items she is keeping Packing boxes and packing supplies Gather things she has decided to donate and drop them off at a donation center. "Moral Support" in the form of a phone call, a hot meal, chocolate :-) etc. No time to volunteer but still want to help? She could really use donations to help pay the cost of the moving truck. This move came out of the blue and she didn't have time to save money for all her moving costs and it really taking a financial toll. I also put some grocery store gift cards on her wishlist, if you would feel more comfortable with that option. There may be other needs that I did not anticipate. I will be adding needs directly to the care calendar but feel free to reach out if you want to offer help. It is easy to get overwhelmed during times of stress and it never hurts to know you have friends who are "rooting for" you. Gratefully, Shawnya Slattery 214-783-9133

Special Notes

Amanda is Gluten-free. Chipotle has gluten-free options and I know she likes it...

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