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Supporting the Murphy’s

Port Saint Lucie, FL


On the evening of August 17th , Anthony Murphy was rushed to the emergency room by his loving wife Jennifer Murphy. He began to experience the beginning stages of hypoxia from covid pneumonia. After a few days, Anthony’s health began to decline and due to decreased mental status they decided to put him on a ventilator to protect his airway. Days following, they found multiple blood clots and that he suffered multiple strokes in various areas of his brain. The doctors gave Jen a very bleak prognosis as to say he would have no quality of life and would never breath or eat on his own nor ever recognize anyone again. They suggested turning off the vent. Completely distraught from this devastating news, she went home to discuss this with the family. After much discussion as well as various 2nd opinions, Jen decided to give Anthony a fighting chance!! He is so young and in otherwise good health plus COVID is still in its infancy stages on the long term outcomes from clotting that she thought let me give him time to heal and also let the family see him. They then proceeded with placing a tracheotomy and a feeding tube. Both successful!! In the weeks that followed, Anthony has fought for his life overcoming obstacles that the doctors said he would not be able to do. Keep up the fight Anthony!!! Anthony is a bright light in Jen, Ashlei, Kayden and Kamryn’s life and I know for certain he is a light in many others!! He is a husband, father, stepfather, son, brother and friend. He is kind, caring, funny, sarcastic, loving, and selfless. He was always the guy to say, “love you” at the end of each and every phone call. He is a Union brother who fought for many people’s benefits, pay and continued employment!! He is a champion!! Now WE have to aid in his fight but this is a fight for his life!! Anthony has done so much for all of us that it is only right we return the favor so as he is transitioning into a long term acute care center which is 1 hour away from his home. The next few months are crucial in his recovery and will require Jen, Ashlei and Anthony (Ashlei’s boyfriend) to travel back and forth daily as visiting hours are from 2-6pm. That means Jen will be gone at meal time and the older kids will be taking the younger kids to soccer, picking up from school, homework, etc. My idea to help them during this trying time is to start a meal train. This will give them a chance to have dinner as a family and give them time to spend time together with no interruptions. This is the time where WE can come together as family both near and far, friends, coworkers and the community can help!! We thank you for the help in advance!!

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